Why you Need to know about the Basics of Event Management


It is a Planning and Execution of Events for any occasions. It could range from managing personal, commercial, social, political to governmental celebrations. Some examples such as Birth Day, wedding, festivals, strategic marketing, product promotion, road show, team building, school functions, conferences, award ceremonies, film festivals, organizing rallies, entertaining foreign dignitaries etc,.

◆ It comes with good amount of experience and the person involved in Event management is usually called as Event Manager or Entertainer. If this person is not organized or experienced, it may turn out to be Event Spoiler rather than entertainer since it involves people and getting their participation.

◆ Event manager usually plans for an event based on purpose or objective and budget. Some of the key things to be noted or to discuss with the right people involved in:

Some Important points when planning for an Event

◆ Site selection
◆ Ad campaign
◆ Time Management
◆ Safety and Security
◆ Legal Aspects
◆ Lights and decorations
◆ Photography
◆ Food Management
◆ Gift selection
◆ Risk Management

Common mistakes during Event Management

◆ Lack of Experience in handling similar events (A social entertainer may be different from commercial event manager)Lack of Time Management (I wish the Earth revolves bit slow today…)
◆ Not enough time fillers between events (oh….let me hire story tellers)
◆ Lack of coordination and juggling the sequence of events
◆ Lack of language fluency
◆ Not enough innovation, just routine events
◆ Lack of assessing the participants (age, gender..)
◆ Lack of preparation on weather forecast


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