Know About Painting

Know about painting

When it comes to renovating your home, painting plays the vital role. Many might wonder why to keep a fresh coat of paints on your walls. The benefits that painting can bring your home are many and varied. The foremost reason is that it’s one of the quick and easy ways to refresh your home.

 Some of the major reasons why people choose to paint is;

  • Adds the value of the asset.
  • Adds healthy indoor air quality.
  • Removes the dirt and dust to minimum.
  • Removes permanent mark.
  • Protects interior as well as exterior surfaces.
  • Produces immediate results.
  • Enhances your mind and thought.
  • Enhances your ideas.
  • And, of course reflects as a new board for your kids to write. 

Well…People generally get confused of choosing the colour and of course this would be the most challenging task. Initially, you may feel that there are so many choices to choose one among them. Once you start with searching, you may end up with confusion.
Panic not!

We are here to help you. Before choosing the right paint, you may want to know its dependencies such as:

          ◆  Nature of surface (such as glossy, matte, sheen, bare, rough, chalking)
          ◆  Age of surface (if Old, think of scrubbing and peeling it off, else applying primer etc)
          ◆  Type or color of paint used before (changing it completely will cut your pocket deep and labor

          ◆  Aesthetic expectation (traditional, trendy…)
          ◆  Durability (how often do you want to change coating (oh, no… it is not a hair dye))
          ◆  Exterior or Interior (Come on, I need palace like home)
          ◆  Number of kids and pets at your home (my son writes A,B,C,D … only on the wall)
          ◆  And of course your budget (No problem, I will go for Finance)
          ◆  Availability of good painters nearby (huh, I will do it myself…)

Know about painting

What are the different types of Paint?

Factors such as pigment, dryer and thinner or solvent determine the type of paint. For example,

Oil Paint:

Consists of Pigments usually suspended in linseed oil (used as binder when applied), Drier (decides the drying time) and chemical based thinner (controls the flowing quality of paint). Traditional wall paint.


Consists of little or no pigment. Solutions of resins in drying oil. Mainly used for Wood and where wet or moisture is impervious.


It is varnish with pigment added. Almost similar properties of Varnish.


Consists of synthetic resin and pigments suspended in water. Quick drying, low in odor . Primer or first coating is needed based on the type of surface.
(Wait, Let me Google and Bing for more information…)

Characteristics Oil Based Paints Latex Paints
Duarability / Adhesion Better Good
Color Retention Good Better
Ease of Application Good Better
Mildew resistance Good Better
Odour More Lesser
Clean-up using Thinner (chemical based) Water
Drying time More Lesser
Aesthetic Better Good
Reflection of light More Lesser
Flammability Higher High

Know about paintingHow to remove painting drips?
       Usually caused due to too much of dipping of paint brush. Though it may not be instantly visible, it may lead into other issues later. So, remove it using scrapper and sand over that area and repaint.

Know about painting

 How to remove underlying stains…it looks so bad.
        Usually caused due to improper or insufficient priming on the unclean surface.  Clean the area using stain remover and apply oil-based undercoat, allow it to dry completely and then paint with top coat again.

Know about painting

How to remove blistering or bubbling?
       Painting on wet, unclean or hot surface, paining latex on oil based paints can cause such issue. Remove it by scrapping and sanding. Apply latex or oil based primer depending on the overcoat choice. Allow it to dry completely. Consider installing vents, exhauster fans for a humid condition.

Know about painting

 How to remove paint wrinkling…? Is there any wrinkle free paint?
        When thick paints (mostly alkyds or oil based paints) applied during extreme climate (topside of the paint film dries faster than the rear side) or unclean surface or improper usage of primer, this issue could pop up. Strip,  Scrap and Sand the area. Apply primer and allow it to dry completely. Repaint and ensure for normal room temperature.


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