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Multiple Lead Capturing Options

Open Request

No time to search for service providers?

New to the place and don’t know who to contact?

Want to check on various options such as cost, performance rating etc and compare?

Want to track a record of all the consumed services and analyze pattern?

Want to provide effective feedback on the service providers cost, quality, time etc rather than just stars?

We thought of all these and more such perennial problems from household and devised a process to facilitate

The households can generate a request with the information such as below and sit back

  • Brief description of their service need
  • Estimated date on which the service is needed

The suitable service providers in their chosen area shall be contacting and advising on the service need.

The household can pick up any one to get their service need fulfilled.

Experience once

Send SMS

You as a household can choose a service provider based on your service requirement and request for them to call you back at your convenience.

How do I do that?

  • Select your service provider by searching through the category
  • View Profile
  • Send SMS

It is that simple!

Work Order Creation

You are now sure of what you want and satisfied with the chosen service provider. You want to get your service need done by the selected person at your specified time. You want to further support your requirement with images or documents to speed up the task. You also want to maintain a record of what you actually asked for to avoid any disputes later.

All this is now possible.

How do I do that?

  • Select your service provider by searching through the category
  • View Profile
  • Create Work Order

It is again that simple!

Share Link

This is about forwarding details of service provider to your needy friend.

Possible scenario could be -

  • Suppose your friend is on travel
  • do not have access to the net
  • relocating to another place
  • stranded at traffic or whatever may be the reason, just relax.

You search for a service provider and provide your friend’s number. We will forward the details through SMS and e-mail. In turn, the chosen service provider shall contact your friend instantaneously. Get big Thanks from him later!

Comprehensive Feedback

As a household or service consumer, I would like to record my experience with the service provider on factors such as Time Aherence to the committed job, Cost effectiveness or charging more than what was agreed, whether the work was carried out as per my expectation in terms of quality or if the service provider is able to communicate in my local language or understands the requirement clearly or if the behavior is professional and approachable. All this I want to capture so that it helps not only my fellow consumer but the service provider himself to evaluate his business. Above all I also want to capture my comments as remarks and should be able to recommend based on overall performance.

Do not worry. We heard that. Here is the solution. You can do all of them through your dashboard. Sample snapshot given below.

Comprehensive Feedback

Business Aiding Reports

As a service provider, is there a way to look at my overall business performance? Is there a way to see my feedback trend and take corrective action?

All that is possible by just a mouse click from your dashboard. Sample report given below on the overall listing performance with us.

Sample report

Below is trend on your overall Feedback over June to November. This gives an indication on how your business.

Personalized Dashboard

As our objective is to provide suitable means to track effort spends and money spend from the service provider and consumer perspective, we attempt to address this by enabling individualized dashboard.

As a Consumer, there is a place to maintain the history of all consumed services. Ability to provide rating.

As a Service provider, you could manage all your leads and customers; generate statistics as described in Business Aided Reports section.

Needless to say that we are working hard to add several other features which will be of beneficial to our users.

We appreciate your suggestion and feedback.