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Order of display on Search Result page is based on customer Rating and Paid membership

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Advanced Data Analytics and techniques to evaluate business performance

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Increased possibility on business reach with multiple service portfolio, search areas and gallery images

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Dashboard to provide professional tips to your potential customer, thereby converting into business

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To become a reliable partner of every household and service provider.

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Addressing over 120 categories of household needs

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Steady increase of happy customers with our improved and more efficient customer response system.


Strategic marketing approach. To provide an integrated solution.

Quick Questions

How do I get different Lead options?

SMS, Bidding, Work Order, Sharing profile are some of the ways to get lead. However we have a right to add or remove any of these options depending on the market trend.

Any guarantee given on number of leads?

We can not give guarantee as it purely depends on factors such as consumer needs, your rating and cost. However, we have built an algorithm to display the profile with least leads first in a given month for our subscribed members. This way we strive to provide minimum number of leads to all our subscribed members.

Do you do promotional activities in social sties and keyword building?

We advertise each category in all the social media, through our business page promotion to get better traffic rate thereby helping your business.

How does consumer feedback affect my business?

We actively seek feedback from all consumers on the service that they availed from this website in parameters such as Time Adherence to complete the work, Cost, Quality of work, Communication and Behaviour - to help both consumers and serviceproviders themselves. In cases which are unprecedented, the consumer could give involuntary feedback, directly and in such cases, we confirm the consumer status with the service provider without disclosing the feedback information.

Can I change my service area or portfolio details at a later point?

Yes, this can be done at any time and based on your service ability. In fact, we provide statistics on heat map as in which area the demand is higher for your category during given period of time.

How does MHMN help when there is a dispute between Consumer and Serviceprovider?

As per our type of business and policy, we do not come inbetween the consumer and service provider. However we alleviate this sort of issues by providing tools to capture service scope, schedule, agreed cost such as work order.